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Mike Shorten represents the 4th District on the McHenry County Board.

Since being sworn in December of 2022, Mike has:

  • Voted against a proposed 92% increase in the motor fuel tax.

  • Fought to protect McHenry County's green spaces.

  • Continues to fight against property tax increases

Mike is a fiscal conservative and a tax fighter. Before serving on the County Board, as a  Trustee in Nunda Township, Mike helped to return more than $1.3 million to the local economy. He also fought successfully to have all Township Board meetings streamed live, providing taxpayers with full transparency.

“I am asking for your support for re-elecction in 2024. I am and experienced and proven fiscal conservative who will fight for lower taxes, improved business opportunity and job growth, and support for our local law enforcement.”

Vote "Shorty"!


Crystal Lake, IL

(815) 669-0184

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