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On The Issues

Keeping McHenry County Safe


As a twenty year resident of McHenry County and the father of three, Mike is committed to making sure that McHenry County remains a safe place for families to grow an thrive.

"I am committed to supporting the McHenry County Sheriff and McHenry State's Attorney in their fight to keep our cities, towns and villages safe.

"I was outward in my support of the County Board Resolution to tell Springfield to overturn the so called 'Safe-T Act' and to stand against legislation that would decriminalize enough Fentynal to kill as many as 1,500 people."

Mike has been endorsed by S.A.F.E. McHenry County.

Controlling Spending and Taxes


Mike is laser focused on making sure that spending of taxpayer funds in the McHenry County Government is controlled so that the impact to taxpayers wallets is minimized.

"As a trustee in Nunda Township I fought a four year battle to reduce spending and cut taxes.  It wasn't easy, but because of my determination, the Township Levy and the Road District Levy were cut by 5% in my last year in office.


"As a result nearly $1.3 Millions has remained with taxpayers to spend as they saw fit."


Growing The Economy


In his career in the private sector, Mike has developed a keen understanding of the challenges facing business.

"In order to grow the Economy in McHenry County we need to focus on how to get government out of the way of new and existing enterprises. 


"Excessive bureaucracy has a cost in time and money... while reasonable regulation is necessary, I'm committed to working with staff and local businesses to implement changes that will allow business to start, grow and thrive in McHenry County."

Mike is endorsed by the McHenry County Farm Bureau PAC, because of his commitment to supporting our local agricultural economy.

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